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A circular approach to excess food and residual flows in the food chain

In this project, food-saver companies make tasty products with surpluses from supermarket chains and the residual flows from agriculture or food-processing companies.

Reusing food waste is socially and economically relevant. It is one of the best options for value retention, and one of the most cost-effective methods of reducing CO2 emissions.

Participants in the project are offered a demonstration of the model concept by De Restjesfabriek. This innovative collaboration between socio-economic companies and regular businesses creates added value by providing social employment. Experts from the Koepel van Milieuondernemers in de Sociale Economie (KOMOSIE), from COnsommation DUrable/DUurzame Consumptie (CODUCO) and from VIVES Hogeschool, are all helping to develop the new business model in a co-creation process and to test it in practice in a pilot project.


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