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Happy Kiddo 2.0

Hiring maternity and nursing clothing

Happy Kiddo 2.0 is the first Flemish library at which you can rent maternity and nursing clothing.

The project is thus supporting a circular economic model in the textiles sector. Happy Kiddo works with surplus clothing in order to complete the cycle. Partners such as Carpet of Life ensure a valuable second life for the clothes.

Circular consumption requires a change in behaviour. Users are actively involved. This is vital to chart barriers to the rental model and then eliminate them. This approach leads to smoother social embedding of circular thinking. Project partners Vlaams, Institute for Logistics and UGent take care of scientific support. They also highlight barriers and opportunities. Scaling-up and new information technology promises an efficient use and sustainable business model.

Happy Kiddo

{$lblPartners} Fragile, Froy & Dind, Universiteit Gent, Carpet of Life, VIL,

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