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Deelplatform voor groepstenten

A sharing platform for group tents

Airotope is planning to set up a platform for youth organisations looking to share tents. Youth as drivers of the circular economy.

Any groups or organisations that want to use these tents can book them on the Airotope website ( with just a few simple clicks. This site will also provide any information users may need on the use of the tents, including the ‘usage history’ of each tent that is available for booking on the sharing platform. By posting all of this information on the platform, users can also minimise their travel by picking up the tent closest to their current location.

Youth organisations can get access to this sharing platform for group tents by paying a monthly membership fee. This membership allows members to book tents for a specific period at any time. The tents can also be delivered and picked up at the chosen location. The platform will also take care of inspections and maintenance after use. After all, a properly maintained tent has a longer shelf life. A fee must be paid for every tent borrowed to cover the planning and logistics costs. If organisations or groups bring in their own tents, they are only charged a mileage allowance, as long as the tents used do not exceed their own capacity.

At a later stage, the platform will experiment with recyclable inflatable group tents. They can be used to replace the traditional group tents brought in by an organisation or group that have reached the end of their lifecycle, or they can provide additional capacity as new circular group tents.


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