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De Nieuwe Samenzweerders

Employees help their company in the shift to a circular business model

The project ‘De Nieuwe Samenzweerders’ supports committed employees who want to introduce circular principles in their company or organisation. Dedicated employees know how to use the assets and resources of their organisation to achieve social and ecological added value in an economically sound manner. To support their commitment, this project offers at least two organisations assistance in the process, preparing the employees in a shift to greater circularity, by adopting a step-by-step approach and acting as ‘social intrapreneurs’. The result is a methodology that can be used by other organisations too, allowing them to launch bottom-up change processes.

‘De Nieuwe Samenwzweerders’ is also the name of the network of social intrapreneurs that this project aims to develop. Arbeid & Milieu focuses on cases where change processes are likely to be successful. The new Network Economy programme at HOWEST, Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen (Kortrijk campus) is providing the required theoretical and practical know-how. The findings of this study will be made public.

Arbeid & Milieu

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