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A place for retailers and hospitality businesses to work together on ecological goals

A few retailers and hospitality businesses in South Limburg came up with the idea that they could do business ecologically by working at one location and sharing costs, staff, energy, investments and creativity.

The business people wanted to reduce fixed costs, develop added-value concepts together, combine budgets for communication and develop business in a circular manner. Residual substances from one could serve as raw materials for another. Creations from one could serve as saleable products for another.

So together, they could do affordable business together, generate creativity, use budgets elsewhere, and improve marketing in order to drill down into other consumer groups. In this way the consumer would become more aware of waste. And then the circle is closed.

The initiators believe their example would also encourage other businesses to work in a similar manner, with greater awareness of environmental, social and budgetary issues.

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