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De Landgenoten

Land for farmers for local food production

The association and co-operative De Landgenoten buy or manage agricultural land and rent it to organic farmers. They can then work on producing food locally.

Local food production is an essential part of a circular economy. Increasing numbers of city folk are now signing up. And many farmers are jumping on the bandwagon too. They can then provide a multifunctional and sustainable purpose for our scarce open spaces. Self-harvesting, farmers’ brands and the collaboration between citizens and local farmers (community-supported agriculture) are all on the rise. By offering the farmers public land in a sustainable manner, a city can meet its own requirements in respect of local food supply.

In this project, De Landgenoten aims to support public land-owners as well as farmers, and provide accurate information and inspiring examples in order to strike the right balance between supply and demand. This will create smart local food production on shared land.

De Landgenoten

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