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Clean Site Circulair

Reuse of packaging film from building-sites

The waste-processing company Valipac, with its project Clean Site Circular, aims to collect packaging film from building sites, recycle it locally and include it in a local, circular model.

How can we make the packaging for building products more eco-friendly? How can we collect it in optimal condition, and what standards must they satisfy? What’s the best way to get them to the recycler? What are the standards for recycled plastic granules? Clean Site Circular is making agreements with its partners on all of these steps. New co-operative partnerships are needed with manufacturers and users of packaging, trade, building companies and the recycling sector. New earnings models need to make the project feasible for the entire value chain.

Since Valipac has had good connections with the various commercial sectors ever since its creation, the project can easily be expanded.

Clean Site Circular

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash


{$lblPartners} GO4CIRCLE, FEMA/FEPROMA, Wienerberger

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