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Circular Sector Genk

A living lab for the circular economy

Cirkel Sector Genk is a living lab with a mission: to document materials and knowledge from Genk (Circular Sector BIB), design sustainable material applications (Materials LAB) and circular services (LAB Service), and develop and test circular business models (Pilot projects)

Genk boasts a rich history in coal mining and car manufacturing. Cirkel Sector showcases Genk’s vision for the future, as a circular city. This vision was described in the RE-MINE Poort Genk policy report. The idea is to improve the (logistical) links between companies and company sites to allow for a better alignment between the local economic activities and the urban dynamics. The result will be increased spatial efficiency, with closed energy and material flows, and better mobility.

Genk is known as a knowledge centre for the manufacturing industry, logistics and design. The city is also a hub for natural and industrial material flows. Knowledge and materials are already available on site, so the next step is to build and develop Cirkel Sector Genk.

LUCA School of Arts

{$lblPartners} Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Stebo, Ikea Distribution Benelux, BOS+ tropen, UHasselt

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