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BC materials

Building materials from excavated soil

BC materials turn earth-moving into circular mud-based building materials.

The first step of any build is extracting soil. But it's difficult to store and dirty to transport. In Flanders we excavate around 21 million tons per year. Around 75% of this is uncontaminated, and 40% of this soil is used in non-circular projects such as road-building, while 60% is dumped in ditches.

BC materials complete the chain from soil to circular building materials. We turn earth-moving into local building materials such as loam plaster, mud bricks and compressed earth. These are CO2-neutral, create a healthy internal climate and contain a minimum of grey energy. After use, they can be returned to the soil or once again converted into building materials, in an infinite, circular process.

BC also organises workshops for sharing knowledge and lowering the threshold to using locally-extracted materials. Workshops focus on students and professionals in the construction sector.

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{$lblPartners} Het Leemniscaat, Vlaams Architectuur Instituut, De Meuter, Technologiecampus Gent; KULeuven

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