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Airline tech trolley as a service

In-flight catering innovation

Years ago, AeroCat and Econocom improved in-flight catering with the launch of a light, innovative trolley and an economic model focused on the use, rather than ownership, of this trolley. Advantages include a reduction in fuel costs of up to 30%, lower CO2 emissions, the use of recyclable materials, less maintenance, a longer lifecycle, safer and more effective use of food thanks to better cooling, smarter use of capital and the reuse of second-hand trolleys.

The rise of digital technologies can further extend and expand this concept. As such, the physical trolley could become an Airline Tech Trolley-as-a-Service (ATaaS), marking a fundamental shift in the market, which has been conservative so far.

To tackle this challenge, Econocom has joined forces with Gategroup, the world market leader in airline catering, which manages 750,000 in-flight trolleys. With this project, Econocom, AeroCat and De Ster (the Flemish division of Gategroup) aim to introduce and implement a system innovation facilitating the transition to a circular economy.

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